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El Conquistador

In the ring there is only one Conqueror. He is El Conquistador
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Always Fighting the Odds

Jonathan, "El Conquistador" Cepeda is marching for a championship with the help of Kran Sports.

Golden Gloves Champion

Jonathan regularly fought in the Golden Gloves and dominated his bouts. 

Incredible 88% Knockout Rate

Jonathan packs a powerful punch that has resulted in 17 wins (15 by KO).

Powerful & Smart

Jonathan has balanced his training and fight career with an education and college degree.


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About Jonathan

A well balanced man who believes investing in his mind is as important as his professional training.

jersycityGrowing up Dominican in a predominantly black neighborhood in Jersey City didn’t make Jonathan Cepeda’s early years easy. An outcast among outcasts, Jonathan learned early on that gaining respect and staying on your feet meant knowing how to fight, and so he learned. He learned to fight for himself on the basketball court, learned how to fight for a family that he describes as “real Hispanic, real Dominican,” and learned how to fight for his place in the world.

For the first sixteen years of his life, fighting was natural and necessary. It was a tough neighborhood going through a tough time during the 80s and 90s, and Jonathan’s family was right in the thick of it, where they’d been for fifty years. Summers spent with extended family in the Dominican Republic provided a brief respite from the violence of the ‘hood, but during the school year life was shaped by playground scuffles and self-defense on the streets.

When Jonathan moved from New Jersey to West Palm Beach, Florida, life improved. He finally got a real education at school and a more relaxed neighborhood to enjoy, but the fighting spirit never left him. He became a personal trainer at the age of 17, pushing himself and his clients to the limit and studying the keys to fitness, muscle growth, and movement. At 20, he turned to boxing and put all of his experience and learning to use.

crash Then, in late 2011, something hit Jonathan that no one could have seen coming.  A November drive on the New Jersey turnpike almost turn deadly for Cepeda and his passenger when a driver asleep at the wheel plowed head-first into Cepeda’s car at 80mph. This type of accident is often fatal, and could quite easily have been career-ending for any boxer, but miraculously Cepeda walked away with relatively minor injuries to his shoulder and back along with some superficial flesh wounds. An event that might have forced Cepeda out of the ring instead firmed his resolve to prove himself a champion.

Still, though he had a record of 11-0 and remained undefeated in his professional boxing matches, this car wreck and Cepeda’s injuries had him down for the count. It took close to a year of recovery, physical therapy, training, and more training to get him back in fighting form. By August of 2012 he was ready, and he beat Orphius Waite with a first-round TKO, echoing the win in Cepeda’s debut match in a professional arena. A second setback was just around the corner, though, and it would prove even more profound than his recently faded injuries. READ MORE

 Details: Age: 30,  Residence: New York, NY,  Division: Middleweight,   Professional Record:  17-1 (15 KOs),  US Ranking: 45,  Height:  5′ 9″,  Weight: 160 lbs,  Trainer: Pedro Saez, Management: Kran Sports Entertainment

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Cepeda In Action

Jonathan brings a wealth of boxing (and life) experience he uses to calculate each move within the ring.


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